Thursday, July 17, 2008

hmmm... a truck

So, have you ever been driving and find yourself in the next lane passing a huge truck and the only thing is.... you don't remember pulling into that lane or that a truck was in front of you to begin with?

Odd, huh?

You know you're awake, because after this experience you 'test' yourself for the next 5 miles to ensure you're not in a time warp or something. These tests can vary depending on: (a) is anyone else in the car with you? and (b) if the first answer is yes, are they awake and looking at you kinda odd?

If so, preform the following steps:

1) Turn up the radio and bob your head to the beat (song selection is not critical for this step, anything will do).

2) Adjust your grip on the steering wheel. Maybe switch hands.

3) Look in each mirror in order - left, rearview, right then repeat. Stare intently in the mirrors at the truck you just passed. This will help solidify in your mind that it really exists while appearing as if you are being overly safe.

4) Say something to your passengers. Something like "this is a narrow road, huh" works pretty well for this purpose.

There you go, upon completion of the 4 steps you have successfully erased the fact that you didn't recall a 40 ton, 110 ft long 18-wheeled vehicle being in your general vicinity.

If you are alone in the car, this is a much simpler task. Simply look at the truck next to you and say "shit, where the hell did you come from?".

I liken this to the same phenomenon that occurs when you forget if you locked your car. Like when you finally find a suitable seat in the movie theater and it hits you "did I hear it beep? did I...... crap.....". I admit that I must drive my neighbors nuts by checking for the "beep" every few minutes after I go to bed.

If you happen to be reading this and were just in a vehicle with me for 18 hours, I was just being overly safe by staring at those trucks in the mirror.

Narrow road, huh?

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