Friday, July 25, 2008

wipe my bobo, wipe it

Like anyone else who needs an occasional change of scenery, we enjoy taking the kids out to dinner from time-to-time.

'Enjoy' may be a strong word. Let's just say we have to take them with us because we have sharp objects and permanent pens at home.

We usually patron a chicken wing place near our home, mainly because they have the 4 requirements needed for any successful family outing:

1) Mac & Cheese
2) Games for the kids to drop quarters into
3) Large assortment of TV screens with a wide variety of sports
4) Trivia games and adult refreshments

The kids feel quite comfortable there, to the point where I believe they think they own the place. Our son even bussed his own plate one day all the way to the kitchen. The waitress was quite impressed.

But, I’m not sure they were impressed with what happened next.

MomtheGirl and I were in the middle of our normal trivia battle (she is WAY to good at it. I have to cheat to win). Our youngest son, Shoelessboy, in a mad dash from where the games are, runs past our table and we catch “…Potty...” as he runs by. Normal stuff, his body language indicates this mad dash is indeed required (since he’s holding himself and sorta bouncing while he’s running).

No problem. We are right across the little room divider from the restrooms and the place isn’t packed.

Nobody walks into the bathroom, but a few minutes later I notice two older guys standing near the bathroom door looking down, then looking at each other, then looking down again. Hmmm... odd.

As I look up over the divider to see what they are doing, I see our son. He’s completely naked, bent over and holding a piece of toilet paper.


As I run towards them I hear our son saying “wipe my bobo, wipe it!”.

We left a larger than normal tip.


Dana said...

How red did your faces turn? Thanks for coming by my blog - we used to live in the real Big D for about 5 years. My husband was a marine...and the title of your blog had me LOL.

dadthedude said...

We actually laughed until we cried. When I ran up and pulled him back into the restroom his clothes were spread out from one end to the other. Apparently he started stripping once he hit the door.

If you married a jarhead then you must be alright ;) Tell your husband thanks for his service, Semper Fi!

Dana said...

Will do - he is a very proud former Marine. Right back at ya - Semper Fi. When were you in? He was 89-93.

I can only begin to imagine the string of clothes. Luckily the only place my lovely daughter has stripped is at the beach. I think it's ok there - well at least when you are 3.

dadthedude said...

I was in 84-88. 0331, 2ndMarDiv & an "embassy" tour (Gitmo). Good times, miss it. Oorah

p.s. - enjoy your pizza

Dana said...

Hubby was in 3-2 STA platoon and did 20 mos in the phillipines (I had to ask him exactly before I could tell you and if I didn't get that exactly right, I apologize). He always regrets getting out - said it was the best job he ever had.

dadthedude said...

So, he was a Betio Bastard (this is a good thing). I was in weapons 2/6. I'm sure we humped some of the same mud (if only a few years apart). Got my first moto tat on Court Street 12 hrs before reporting for AIT (not sure how long they continued to call it advanced infantry training...) and amazingly my arm didn't fall off.

It's funny. I think of all the times we would bitch and moan and talk about how great it would be to get out. I didn't have a choice (spent my last year in Bethesda) - but I'd sign a thousand waivers to do it again.

Mike said...

OMG that brought back way too many memories. Of course I had daughters and their Mom had to be there to save them. Mine are all teenagers now. I guess my turn will come "if and when" I become Grandpa.

Funny stuff, I'll be back.

dadthedude said...

Hey Mike, thanks for stopping by. If your daughters are teenagers I wish you many years before you change your name to gramps and then you can hand them back after they are tripping on ice cream and coke.

The Kobiske's said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK this has to be the funniest thing. I had a moment like this at the zoo with mine who was 5 at the time. I was in the men's room with him, since he ran in there....Good thing the guys were ok with waiting on us to get all cleaned up. I am still laughing hard...the kids are starting to worry might not stop!