Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i need a genie

On our way back from our cross-country trip, only 450 more miles for me to get that cruise control down to a fine art. We have one of those steering wheels with volume control and today I found myself turning the radio up and down thinking I was using the cruise control... oopps.

I happen to know it's 450 more miles because:

a) Thats what both of the GPS units in the car says it is and they both can't be wrong. Our's is one of those units that you can talk to - love to have the 5 year old (shoelessboy) in the backseat yelling "agellan" trying to get it to talk back. Cute.

b) because I counted down every mile starting at around 758 miles left.

c) the boys have filled up a total of 3 cups due to the "I gotta go RIGHT NOW" syndrome and we have a standing 4 cup rule, so we gotta be close.

How the hell did some of these little towns get their name (passed through Hicks Station, Arkansas - can't make that stuff up if I wanted to). Each time I pass one of those I hear "Hee Haw salutes my hometown, Cooter, Missouri....".

If you happen to know the crop duster in the yellow bi-plane that was dusting a field near Cottonwood Corner, Arkansas along I-55 - tell him I have his landing gear on top of the minivan if he wants it back. Those guys are seriously nuts!

By the way, whoever built I-55 didn't know how to make a curve.

Gotta say, by about mile 1,400 of this trip I started wishing I had genie in the car to snap her head and put my happy ass in the driveway!

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