Friday, July 11, 2008

What is "Dad - thedude"?

Kids these days... you gotta love 'em (it's the law).

Somehow our 7 yr old son (shirtlessboy) has taken to calling any male version of the species "dude", this is especially true with his friends whom in most cases he has known his entire life and apparently they have all forgotten who they are, so they simply go by the collective - "dude".

It's not that this is any big deal, I know it's nothing compared to what they will call each other 8 years from now. It's that at times when his brain has come off the track, he refers to me as "dude".


"Dude, when are you going to work?"
"Dude, check this out. It's still bleeding"
"Dude, put on some pants"


Since when did evolution transform the 7 yr old brain into a rice krispy treat? The thought of calling my dad "dude" never entered my mind. I googled it and this is refered to as 'self preservation'.

Of course, I make the necessary corrections every time. But to be honest there is a part of it that I like; so much so that I find it appropriate that this blogs title is “Dad – thedude”. Cause lets face it, at some point it’ll be “Dad – thedumbass”.


Anonymous said...

My daughters are too young for this, but I imagine that if 'dude' is the worst thing they call me, I'll be pretty pleased.

Good post.

The Kobiske's said...

Oo yes the 'shirtless boy' and his use of the word "DUDE" He was at my house for an hour and I felt like I was transferred back to childhood. We used that word a mimllion times the rest of the day! Keep on bloggin' DUDE!