Sunday, September 28, 2008

and the 2nd edition winner is.....

Congratulations Angie! Your cool award is below, feel free to add it to your mantle.
I spent all night painting that sign on the beach again. I think the authorities are starting to get wise to me, they kept driving around in their yellow beach trucks. I had to distract them by saying I saw a Sports Illustrated photo shoot going on down at the end of the beach.

Angie's caption:
Billy Joe escaped from his stroller at the Redneck carnival yesterday. He mistakenly thought he found his mommy. The similiarities are striking.

Your Award:
The ultra cool - Cool Blog Award!
I realize this size, while perfect for framing, it may be too large for those with size challenges, so I included some wallet-sized versions below.



Don said...

Hey good choice Dude. Like your awards also. Hope your vacation was a good one. Catch ya on HB chat!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Thanks Dude! I am honored. There was some pretty good ones!