Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tuesday rant - 4th edition

Ok, I've sat for the last 10 minutes in a dark room doing deep breathing exercises.

Evacuate now or risk certain death.

What part of that sounds like maybe you should leave if you get time? Perhaps if you weren't doing anything special you could maybe join us as we drive north.

No, they said if you stay be sure to write your social security on your body with a Sharpie so identifying the body will be easier. Any questions?

Don't have the money to leave? They took care of that. Don't think the storm will hit you? Walk the hell outside, see the beach? It'll hit you. I realize many of you haven't been to Galveston Island. Picture a big sand bar that maybe rises 15 feet above the water - that's it.

It's not the staying that gets me. It's the staying and then asking people to risk their life to rescue your ass. I can actually understand how someone would want to stay. To me the thought of leaving my home and not knowing what was going to be there when I got back is almost as bad as the storm itself. However, I would be taking that risk upon myself. I would hold one person accountable - me.

It's estimated that some 40 percent of Galveston’s 58,000 residents chose to ride out the storm. Guess what most did Friday before the storm even hit? Yep, they desperately called 911 trying to get rescued. The response was what they said it would be; how long can you tread water?

I read this today:
Five-year-old Jack King escaped serious injury when storm surge sent a rush of water that washed out the first floor of his family's Galveston home just two blocks from the bay. As rescuers arrived, Jack gazed at a TV aglow with "The Simpsons." The only evidence of his fall was a Band-Aid plastered to his closely-cropped hair, covering a gash.

"We just didn't think it was going to come up like this," said the boy's father, Lee King. "I'm from New Orleans, I know better. I just didn't think it was going to happen."

Didn't think it was going to happen? Here's a thought, turn off the son-of-a-bitch'n Simpsons and tune into the news, asshole.

1) They should be evacuated
2) Mr. King should be arrested for child endangerment and being an idiot.

Turns out the generator he was using was provided to him by FEMA in the last hurricane. This makes him a professional idiot.

Ok, feeling a little better now.

If I start hearing someone complaining and blaming the government for not sending out a BlackHawk to pick up their ass for 3 days I'm going to make a trip south.

To the residents of South Texas (and I know several of you- damn good people), my thoughts are with you.

Next week I'm out on vacation but I've asked my little sis, Tootsie, to fill in for me on a post. I hear tell she has a unique perspective to this she would like to share. Catch her this Saturday.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Hell Ya! And my favorite icing on the cake - is public blaming of the government for not being responsive enough. YOu shouldn't be there, buttlick!


dadthedude said...

Ha, you said buttlick. ;)

You can come with me to South Texas if they do that!