Sunday, September 28, 2008

that fresh post vacation feeling

Does anyone else find the title of this post to be a little empty?

I know you may be saying - "Dude, you just got back from a week spent on the beach! You must feel so rested and ready to jump back into it".

Uh... no.

I know, I know. Bitching about post vacation crap may get me pelted by rotten fruit, but I can't help but think this is normal.

We had a great week in the Virgin Islands. By the way, St. Thomas is about as virgin as Madonna at an MTV awards after party. Someone needs to check the hymen on a few parts of the island cause I think maybe it's been screwing around in a backseat of a Chevy for the last 50 years or so. It's a pretty island, but some parts aren't what you would bring home to mom.

If you are planning a trip to the USVI, I recommend staying on St. John and taking the short ferry ride over to St. Thomas for the shopping when a cruise ship is in port. St. John is about 75% national park, it's what you picture in your head when you think of a Caribbean island and that picture my friends is gorgeous.

So, after:

  1. drinking my weight in just about every rum based drink known to man
  2. snorkeling everyday
  3. dressing up meant wearing the good flip-flops
  4. relaxing on near empty beaches looking out on sapphire colored water.

I find myself back to reality.

Apparently post vacation blues is rather common, I looked it up. Wikipedia offers a treatment of sharing photos with friends, so I'll offer the attached picture as "treatment" and maybe fix myself a drink with some of the duty-free/tax-free liquor we brought back.

A break means you can't wiggle it

A few months ago I wrote about how I worry more about what we learned as kids and what kids today are missing as a result of all this overprotection crap nowadays. In that post I talked about the kids playing on a swing set. Well, that post came true Friday while we were gone. Our 5yr old broke his arm in 2 places falling from... well, falling from a swing set down the street. Irony is a bitch ain't it.

Much like I wrote then, I hate to see the kid with a cast going up his arm but I hope with it came a new lesson about the effects of gravity.


HumorSmith said...

Still, I'd rather have post vacation blues than no vacation blues. Or booze. Share?

Kirsten said...

I hate the post vacation blues! It sucks to be you right now. ;)
Sorry to hear about your 5 year old's arm!!

Chat Blanc said...

welcome back! What'd ya buy me?? :D

Bill said...

He brought booze, chat blanc, and I'm sure its for all his fellow humor bloggers - that's what I'm here for :>)

dadthedude said...

Note to self: wrap all booze you bring back in your suitcase with plenty of garbage bags. Our clothes had that nice light rum smell... but all the Crown Royal and Jose made it back in one piece!

Everyone line up we are doing body shots at 4pm today!

ReformingGeek said...

Welcome back. I'm right there with you. We rolled in at 2:30 am.

Hope you found the nude beaches ;-)

Cruise ship day on a Caribbean island (or any port) is pure craziness. It's not much fun for the passengers either. I've been on both sides.

St. John is an awesome place! I love warm water for snorkeling. Hope you did the underwater trail.

Sorry to hear about your son's arm. Ouch!

Skip DeKades said...

I know those blues all too well. The days after a vacation are so hard for me that I'm getting to the point where I'm afraid to take time off at all.

Sorry about your son. Hope he heals up fast.

dadthedude said...

Thanks for the kind words about my son. He's doing fine.

Today he went with me to Home Depot, when we were walking through he asked if we were there to get something to fix his arm.