Friday, October 3, 2008

and the 3rd edition winner is...

Congratulations ReformingGeek! Your cool award is below, feel free to add it to your mantle.
I gotta say, this by far was the toughest one to judge. I literally had 2 magic balls and 2 independant sources to help on this one.

PlancksPost & Rubba - so close! Everyone else - wow. Those were all really good!

This time I didn't have much trouble repainting the beware of sharks and crap in the water sign. I actually got a couple of beach bums to help out! Paid 'em in some rum I brought back from the islands.

ReformingGeek's caption:

After consuming chicken-fried steak, fries, corn, and beer all week, Bubba misunderstands the meaning of biofuel.

Your Award:

The ultra cool - Cool Blog Award!
I realize this size, while perfect for framing, it may be too large for those with size challenges, so I included some wallet-sized versions below.

150x178 version


ReformingGeek said...

DUDE! Thanks. Must be my lucky day. 2nd prize I've been awarded today. Must sign-off now and go play the lottery!

dadthedude said...

2 awards in one day? I'll need to confer with the judges on this. There may be a concurrent award limitation.

I crack myself up. I wrote:

"I literally had 2 magic balls"

instead of:

"I literally had 2 magic 8 balls"

I do however have magic balls. But my wife keeps them in a jar on the mantle.

ReformingGeek said...

;-) Sounds like an idea for the retail link.....dude's magic balls. Uh....maybe you'd better stick to the magic 8 balls.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

There were a lot of good ones. I found myself coming back and reading all the comments to see what things people were coming up with.

Good choice, though.