Thursday, October 30, 2008

and the 6th edition winner is.....

Congratulations Colleen! Your cool award is below, feel free to add it to your mantle.

It was hell moving the shark and crap in the water sign from the beach to the front-yard of a haunted house, I might never be the same.

This was the toughest yet! There were some really funny submissions, coming in second and third were Ettarose and DaOldMan.

Colleen, I couldn't find you on Entrecard. If you are there let me know and I'll give you 500 credits. Since I couldn't award those credits... I'm splitting it into the top 5:

Ettarose - 250 credits

DaOldMan - 250 credits

Planckspost - 200 credits

UselessMan - 200 credits

Colleen's Caption:

An occurance rarely seen in the world of Rock and Roll - a double white-man overbite..

Your Award:

The way cool and now internationally famous Cool Blog Award!

I realize this size might be a bit much, so I've included a couple smaller versions:


Tomorrow's post (late afternoon) - redneck mardi gras


Da Old Man said...

Very nice. Thanks, Dude.

ettarose said...

Very cool Dude. Thank you!

Colleen said...

Um, will I be asked to leave if I admit I have no idea what Entrecard is?
Either way, just the HONOR of winning such a prestigious award is more than enough prize for me. :)
I'm off to a frame shop... (and to google entrecard).

PlancksPost said...

Congrats Colleen!!!

And Thanks Dude! Now maybe I can afford to advertise on Da Old Man's sight unless he's still mad about me farting in the elevator at the Blogger's convention!

dadthedude said...

@ DaOldMan - dude, I missed your caption this for this week. I'm bummed - look for me next week!

@ ettarose - enjoy, I hope the credits came through ok

@ colleen - no, we won't toss you out for not knowing about entrecard - lol.

Congrats - that was funny cause I'm accused of having the white man overbite when I'm really rocking out. Apparently it's genetic.

@ planckspost - seriously? you don't think it has to do with the other crap you pulled on him at the convention? That burning sack of crap in front of his hotel door was funny as hell, but I don't think he appreciated it.

Wait.. he didn't know that was you huh...

Grandy said...

HA! Excellent choice on the winner. :)

Congrats to Colleen.


WOO HOO! 5TH PLACE! Any honourable mention is good enough for us! We love consolation prizes! in fact, I have a Consolation Prized Wife!

Keep up ithe great work Dude.

ReformingGeek said...

Wow! That sign looks great! Very scary and creepy....I need that for tonight.

Congrats to Colleen!