Saturday, October 4, 2008

mom likes me best

So... I'm sitting around last Thursday staring at the ceiling and wondering why moderators at a presidential debate bother to actually ask a question since the candidates have no intention of answering them and the moderators have no intention of calling bullshit on them... when what should I happen to see... ?

Kirsten over at The Soccer Mom Files gave me an award, that's what!

Not only that, but it's the first-ever, still minty fresh, still shrink wrapped - "The Best of The Web - Mom Likes Me Best" award!

I wish I had a web cam with me at this very moment, ya'll could see my "uh huh, uh huh, I won, that's right" dance. Granted, if I actually had a web cam right now I'd have to get dressed and I like the warmth and gentle hum of the laptop in my lap way too much to let that happen (don't look at me that way, I know damn well I'm not the only one. Fly, I'm talking to you!).

If you haven't had your Soccer Mom fix today, I recommend it! She's not your regular soccer mom. No sir. She's hilarious and since she's such a bad ass she can flip you with her littlest baby finger and make you land in your own baby poop. I should confess however that her site header makes me a little uneasy 'cause it's not right to stare at a cartoon that way. I had that same reaction with The Little Mermaid. Dude, she was hot. Chicks with fins and crabs for friends apparently do it for me.

Here is my award for you to gawk at and become green with envy. Please mind the protective barrier.

p.s - am I the only one that gets excited and does an internal high-5 to myself after I click "spellcheck" and it finds nothing to fix? Am I also the only one that clicks it again because it must have not worked the first time?


The Offended Blogger said...

Lucky!! (in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice) :)

Oh, and spellcheck is for sissies...

Don said...

you da man, dude! nice award.

Jamie said...

"Am I also the only one that clicks it again because it must have not worked the first time?"

Let me answer that by saying I think you are very lucky to have recieved this award. I just want you to know that I have a record of voitng for you (Joe Six Pack ) and least 6 times, while my opponent never once voted for you. He doesn't believe in the freedom of blog speech and wants you censored. If you award me another award I promise to make sure everytime you recieve a tax cut on beer you recieved when people visit!!

Thank you for you time...this wasa honor reading you blog. I must go put my lipstick on now...

Kirsten said...

Thanks for all the nice stuff you said about my blog! I'm blushing!
As far as spellcheck, what's that? I'm with Chelle, it's for sissies.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I do an EXTERNAL high 5 when spell check finds no mistakes. usually only happens when I do a wordless wednesday post.

Totally agree with you about why they have a mediator and why they bother asking questions. Should be this:
Mediator: "I am going to ask you a question which you have no intention to answer. Let's just get that out of the way. You have 90 seconds to talk about something almost completely unrelated and your opponent has 2 minutes to rebuttal by bringing up some obscure vote your running mate made many years ago in different social, defense and economic times. Please make sure you make as many deragatory remarks about the other candidate as often as possible and you must use the words CHANGE, ENERGY and MIDDLE CLASS at least 4 times in each answer."


TheFLy said...

What?! I like looking at myself undressed too much not to get dressed, plus I have a desktop not a laptop, haha.

Plus Im jealous, I want one too. My mom says Im cool, haha.

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