Saturday, October 4, 2008

because it makes us feel special

A few months ago I ran out of beer and felt the need to belong to something, something where I could find more people like myself, people who use this whole interweb deal to satisfy that uncontrollable need to be a smart-ass.

Since I'm originally from Oklahoma I can say "Interweb". It's a cultural thing. I can also open up a casino in a cow pasture if I was so inclined.

I never found that group, but I did find a group of funny people and they weren't in white jackets that tied in the back or nothin'. Apparently these people are allowed out in public without an escort but there are a few around there I wonder about...

I'm speaking of course of the Humor Bloggers over at After stalking Chelle (the leader of the Cabal) for a month she felt pity on me and let me sit in the back during meetings as long as I brought drinks for everyone, cleaned the restrooms and told her she looked pretty.

This week is World Domination Week over at Humor Bloggers. A bit over the top you say? Normally I would agree, but that's just the way we do things over there. You should see their version of tag teaming members...
WE BLOG FUNNYHere's another thing. They have some voting going on over there for the uber-award of all time - the Humor Blogger of the year award. Considering the last time I looked I had a total of 0 (zero, like nada) votes, I could use your support.

Cruise over there, find my name and vote - or shoelessboy gets butt paste on his head, again.


PlancksPost said...

I voted for you dude...good luck with that.

Deb said...

The photo of Shoeless Boy is hysterical! You should send that photo to the Butt Paste company.

Well, maybe you shouldn't. Your kid's water-repellent face may end up on millions of tubes of the stuff and you can just imagine where it goes from there.

Heinous said...

I vote for you, but that pic is too funny (plus I'm on that site as well) and look forward to more.

Anna Lefler said...

I'm in favor of any post that uses the phrase "butt paste."

Just an FYI.

:^) Anna

ettarose said...

Butt paste. Not just for butts any more! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, great pic!

eve cleveland said...

I gotta say, he looks just like you!

dadthedude said...

Many thanks for the votes! I'm feeling da' love.

Poor little Shoelessboy, walking around with Butt paste on his head and now he's walking around with a broken arm and here we are making fun of him. Ha! It's my revenge for the time he gave me a black eye. Or... maybe that was his brother Shirtlessboy...

Planckspost - one word. Dude.

Deb - I think I could sell it as a new product!

Heinous - as long as you don't vote for Fly you can come hang out.

Anna - I'll take that as a suggestion. I have a couple of Butt Paste stories, not all will make it.

Ettarose - dude!

Eve - he does. He's so screwed!